REVIEW REDEEMER only allows your business to receive 4- and 5-Star Reviews

RFID Technology

Our system utilizes RFID-technology, strategically placed within your business, table tents or door stickers, These devices invite customers to share their feedback instantly by simply tapping their smartphone against them. This contactless interaction is not only convenient but also enhances the customer's experience with your brand by offering a novel and engaging way to leave a review.

Filtered Reviews

Reviews are then Filtered. and are automatically sorted based on their star rating. High-quality reviews (4 and 5 stars) are prepared for public viewing, while feedback needing attention (1 to 3 stars) is redirected for internal review.

Improved Customer Experience

Improvement and Response: Lower-rated reviews are an opportunity for improvement. Our system ensures you can address these privately, helping to turn dissatisfied customers into loyal patrons.

We Get Negative Reviews Removed

Removing negative or unfair reviews is crucial as they can disproportionately damage a business's reputation, deter potential customers, and negatively impact search engine rankings and consumer trust.

We Request, and Filter New Reviews 

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